Miniso Kenya - Grand Opening of the Mombasa Store at City Mall-Nyali, Kenya


Life is fun! This is the bedrock upon which Miniso stands. Since 2013, our driving force has been changing people's lives all over the world with high-quality, fancy, and affordable products. Kenya is no different. Miniso has seen the fastest growth in 80+ countries, with over 30 000 employees. Miniso set foot in Kenya in September 2017 after crossing the vast Indian Ocean and the Horn of Africa. With many consumers liking Miniso products, the company had to double its efforts to connect and interact with them through physical stores. As a result, several Miniso Kenya locations have been established to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Miniso Yaya Centre, Miniso TRM, Miniso Southfield Mall, Miniso Sarit Centre, Miniso Village Market, Miniso Westgate Mall, Miniso Two Rivers Mall, Miniso Junction Mall, Miniso The Hub, and Miniso City Mall is among them.

Mark your calendars,

We’re making a grand entrance to The City Mall, Nyali Mombasa-Kenya!

We’re coming to County 001 for the first time ever!! 🙌 Come in and shop our newest trends just in time for the period of Black Friday! 😘 We can’t wait to meet more of our Mombasani Clients this year! Help us spread the word✨